Who owns your professional data? You do.

Introducing The Teacher Wallet. Securely store and easily access all of your educator license supports.

Prove it. With ease.

You earned your license.

The Teacher Wallet gives you a secure place to collect, store, and deliver both license supports and creative property:

  • Transcripts
  • Praxis scores
  • Diplomas
  • Credentials
  • Licenses
  • Endorsements
  • Micro-credentials
  • Professional growth data
  • Work examples
  • Lesson plans
Where does The Teacher Wallet get my data?

To obtain license evidence, select any issuer from our list. If you have an account, The Teacher Wallet will retrieve your document, verify the transaction, and store it safely and conveniently. Upload lesson plans and work examples in PDF format.

How does RANDA keep my data safe?

Before data is sent to The Teacher Wallet, it is encrypted. The Teacher Wallet contains a private key that only you can access which will decrypt your information. You are able to safely receive, store and send any documents.

Will my state accept the support from The Teacher Wallet?

The data in The Teacher Wallet is the original document provided by the issuer. If your state will accept the data from the provider, they’ll accept it from The Wallet. Because it’s the same.

Teachers become teachers to make a difference.

Not manage paperwork.

For Sandra, her passion for education began with teaching her teddy bears after school.  After four years of college, a year long credential program and two attempts to pass the Praxis,   Sandra was thrilled to accept a position teaching 3rd grade.

Sandra sat down to complete the paperwork necessary for approving her license.  On the Praxis site, she entered her test number and the system returned the error message: “Can’t find your test.” It took weeks of emails to recover her test and evidence of her passing score.  In addition, Sandra spent countless hours digging through boxes, completing paperwork and engaging in back and forth with the district license coordinator.

Isn’t there a better way?

With The Teacher Wallet, license applications that used to take weeks, can be completed in 24 hours.  Leaving Sandra to focus on what she does best—teaching.

RANDA has over twenty years developing teacher effectiveness platforms at the state level

Our capabilities allow us to solve data challenges throughout your career. Giving you the ownership of your own information.
The Teacher Wallet will be available Fall 2020.

Be the first to have your professional information in your pocket.

For your career.