Pioneers in education technology.

Our success is a direct result of the quality of our solutions; combined with our innovative approach and how we intentionally listen to our partners – State Educational Agencies


Over 20 years ago, RANDA opened our doors in Tennessee to become one of the first pioneers in education technology.

Today, we are the leading software solutions provider for State educational agencies across the United States.


Marty Reed

“Learn something every day.” 

Marty’s North Star is the firm belief that learning comes from listening. Understanding the depth of a challenge from a customer’s point of view is the best way to build a comprehensive solution. This passion for deep understanding is why Marty is a thought leader for the future of educational technology.


Our Team

Great solutions require deep knowledge, thoughtful architecture, and genuine collaboration.

Our architects, developers, technologists, project managers, training and support professionals come from a depth of experience in the education and technology sectors. They work as a cohesive unit to design and develop technology to eliminate silos and exceed the expectations of users. Our founder and CEO, Marty Reed, leads the team to listen intently to customer needs – both spoken and unspoken – at every level. Together, we pair experience with expertise to create industry-leading products that meet the needs of every educational user, from administrator to applicant.

On a Mission Powered by Innovation

RANDA seeks to transform education with solutions that empower State education agencies to achieve more, with less effort.


Achieve the Impossible

Learn new ways to solve the impossible. The best solutions are discovered through collaboration and innovation.


Make Technology Invisible

Design simply and develop perfectly. Let the products speak for themselves.


Appreciate the Individual

A team is strengthened through individual strengths. Encourage passion and creativity to inspire new ideas.


Explore New Paradigms

Dismiss assumptions and keep an open mind. Adapt and stretch to tap into innovation.


Learn Something Every Day

Carefully listen, continually learn. Both success and failure will propel you to the next level.


Earn Opportunities

Know success when you see it, then pursue it.


Work with Us

Like the states we serve, RANDA is home to doers. When we’re faced with a challenge, we roll up our sleeves and collaborate to create an innovative solution. Email us for open opportunities.


We’re honored to partner with some of America’s leaders in educations.

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We are entrust 3rd party endorsements for the technology we leverage in our solutions.

Thought Leadership

Our team members are active and engaged leaders across a variety of organizations.

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