Professional educator licenses tell the world about the qualifications and experiences necessary to teach. Our universal, comprehensive solutions serve the varying pathways to licensure.


License Management and Enforcement

RANDA understands the nuances of license management and as a result, we build end-to-end solutions to accommodate the varied routes educators take to licensure.

0 teacher observations analyzed and leveraged to find hidden insights, so performance is measured and improved.

0 teacher licenses managed, submitted, and processed digitally in just 2 years.

0 million students connected and mapped to teacher performance so growth can be shown, measured, and improved.

Decentralization, Transparency, Immutability

Optimizing Blockchain for Teacher Licensure and Identity

Teacher licensure can be complex. At RANDA, we optimize blockchain to make it easy. Our years of experience in blockchain architectures exponentially impacts our value, along with the potential impact State educational agencies can make with streamlining data and teacher licensure.

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RANDA stands at the forefront of credential innovation. Because of this, we are committed to providing every trusted member access to credentials that empower and accelerate growth.