We’re at the forefront of credentials innovation and are committed to providing every trusted member access to the credentials that power innovation, opportunity, and growth.


Trusted, Verifiable Credentials.

The future of education and work rely heavily on an individual’s trusted, verifiable achievements. The assertion of these compounded skills and experiences create value in an ecosystem comprised of those who issue the credential and those who inspect the validity of the credential and the individual.

0 teacher observations analyzed and leveraged to find hidden insights, so performance is measured and improved.

0 teacher licenses managed, submitted, and processed digitally in just 2 years.

0 million students connected and mapped to teacher performance so growth can be shown, measured, and improved.


Open Credential Publisher

OCP is an open-source reference implementation of best practices across numerous data standards including 1EdTech Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), OpenBadge, and canonical referenced CASE data. It leverages the Credential Engine for Credential data reference and utilizes W3C standards for Verifiable Credentials, Presentations, and Proofs.

Opportunity: Verified

Wallet Solutions

A purpose-built approach to credential agencies. RANDA-built solutions directly integrate Praxis, transcript, endorsement, badges, and licensure data into a single repository. Teachers and other individuals can submit credentials to participating states to further their credentials or gain new ones.


The equity of accountability and development builds flexible systems to address the needs of each individual educator and inform leadership on teaching efficacy.