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Do more, with less effort. RANDA eliminates the noise and challenges in education with simple solutions.


Level Data, the nation’s largest data validation provider, has acquired RANDA Solutions.

What We Do

Professional Growth

Establish clear goals and track progress. Empower educators with tools to achieve their aspirations and make an impact for every student in their classroom.

Evaluation & Observation

Go beyond documentation to help leaders manage evaluation data, from walkthrough observation to formal evaluations. Implement standard rubrics and tools designed specifically for educators.

Educator and Course Alignment

Ensure qualified educators are in the right role. Match course codes with educator endorsements and identify potential challenges.

Educator Licensure

Reduce time to license qualified educators. Guide educators and license specialists through the application processes, tailored to ever changing requirements.

Talent Transparency

Connect your educator ecosystem from preparation to onboarding. Match vacancy data with credentials to find the right, qualified educator for your classroom.


Leverage thorough investigation tools to simplify complicated workflows. Automatically assign cases, no matter the source, and document outcomes across systems.

Educator Preparation Program Enrollments

Easily manage reporting of educator enrollments and completions for licensing. Streamline approvals to decrease time from completion to licensure.

Educator Preparation Program Manager

Easily approve new programs to match outstanding needs. Automatically approve programs that meet requirements,ncluding non-traditional preparation programs.

Credential Wallet

Allow connected credentials to speak for themselves. Build complete Learning and Employment Records (LERs) to deliver individuals agency over their data.

Credential Signing Service

Issue secure and verifiable credentials with ease and maximum flexibility.

Credential Convertor

From paper to PDF, transform existing credentials, map vital information and link data to create robust digital ecosystems. A thought leader in every credential discussion, let’s collaborate to solve your digital credential challenges.


RANDA doesn’t need to own the project to help it succeed—states can borrow our expertise for any project where know-how and familiarity with big, complex data sets comes in handy.


Built for millions of educators

RANDA starts by building flexible enterprise level software for state education agencies that scales at from start.


“TNCompass allows us to communicate more efficiently with educators regarding the status of their licenses and proactively identify actions they will need to take.”

Russell Gibbons

Local Government Corporation

We Eliminate Silos

We power faster decision-making by eliminating the silos that hinder education. We help you leverage your data for enhanced value and actionable insights.

Energize Your Workflow

We do more than digitize your workflows. We energize them around your educational practices to help you solve real challenges.

Find Hidden Truths

We know your data is more than static numbers on a spreadsheet. We help reveal hidden truths by integrating true interoperability across all your systems.