The Cure for Data Headaches: Introducing LMI Platform by RANDA

March 3, 2023

What does LMI Platform do?

LMI Platform (Last Mile Interoperability) is an AI powered data linguist. Utilizing advanced learning algorithms from various industries and end user feedback, the platform aligns data sets of disparate systems. Simply stated, LMI learns to the speak the data language for multiple sources including application tables, external data sets, flat files, and web API services.

Why use LMI Platform?

Get Alerts & Fix Conflicts Before They Happen.

Spend time impacting the business and avoid downstream time-consuming data problems. The proactive alert system prompts end users to review and publish data alignments before they impact downstream applications and services. The intelligent recommendation engine does the heavy lifting.

Get Data Right the First Time

20% of lost time is discovered after the exchange of data in downstream systems. Avoid risk of manual record edits and utilize published data maps to persist the translation of records in real-time.

A Scaled Solution for Enterprise Agencies

LMI is an enterprise level solution that intelligently scales to handling data for millions of in-line transactions daily.

What does LMI platform do?

LMI builds a persistent map of values between systems during the data exchange.

It can then dynamically expand or contract those value translations based on user feedback. Leveraging AI to learn what values go where when.

  • Source and destination data begin the contextualization process.
  • Systems connected via LMI are aligned and validated.
  • LMI corrects errors, maps, and translates all mapped values into the destination system’s required context.

Try it out

Go to LMI Platform and register to see how LMI can help your organization exchange data quickly and effectively.