RANDA: innovative problem solvers

Everyone recognizes education faces daunting challenges. RANDA believes many of them can be mastered through deft automation of business process radically simplifying decision-making. We marshal our teams of specialists to address these challenges– working with educators to address them through innovation. Collaboration with educators ensures our solutions not only work, but are easy to learn and use.

The result? Useful solutions developed with educators for educators to increase teacher effectiveness.


Old Problems, New Mandates, Higher Stakes

Education is burdened with old problems, new mandates, and higher stakes. RANDA’s education technology solutions address these problems in ways that fulfill mandates and reduce the risks of high-stakes decision making.

Real-time, formative discussions are the new “teacher conferences,” and reports must back them up immediately without costly delays.


Seven Challenges, One Solution: RANDA


Our team is addressing education data management challenges daily with our flexible solutions and products.

We are pleased to discuss the latest developments in each of these areas. Simply call us at 877.220.8838.