RANDA: innovative problem solvers

Everyone recognizes education faces daunting challenges. RANDA believes many of them can be mastered through deft automation of business process radically simplifying decision-making. We marshal our teams of specialists to address these challenges– working with educators to address them through innovation. Collaboration with educators ensures our solutions not only work, but are easy to learn and use.

The result? Useful solutions developed with educators for educators to increase teacher effectiveness.


Item Development Collaboration Inefficiencies

Stakeholders need a consistent, effective interface for collaborative item development.

In-person meetings are costly and inefficient.

Legacy assessment providers have failed to deliver on the promise of efficiency and effectiveness.


Item Development Portal

This solutions provides SaaS item development collaboration with a facilitator to finalize items via discussion panel (blog format). Items defined as Accepted, Accepted with Revisions, or Rejected, reporting allows for the review agency to sort through comments, votes, and final changes. RANDA’s solution takes item development process from creation of accounts, filling out pre-defined demographics, creation of assignments for Facilitator and Reviewers by an Administrator, and the review process. Final review of items are coordinated by the facilitator, and post reporting on the data collected.

Project in beta-testing for an international client held confidential due to contractual commitments.