RANDA: innovative problem solvers

Everyone recognizes education faces daunting challenges. RANDA believes many of them can be mastered through deft automation of business process radically simplifying decision-making. We marshal our teams of specialists to address these challenges– working with educators to address them through innovation. Collaboration with educators ensures our solutions not only work, but are easy to learn and use.

The result? Useful solutions developed with educators for educators to increase teacher effectiveness.


Capturing Formative Assessment Data

Teachers need continuous, real-time reports to help help gauge instructional effectiveness.

Traditional “pencil and paper” assessments are slow and cumbersome.

Formative assessment data now makes up a substantial portion of high-stakes personnel data, making accuracy and integrity paramount.


Mobile Formative Assessments

RANDA’s mobile formative solution allows educators to deliver true formative assessments on iPad and Android devices – synchronized with our larger proprietary web-based Formative Assessment Management System. Immediate feedback provides educators insights pertaining to knowledge gaps, helping direct teaching agendas to address immediate needs. We provide useful information to guide teaching that align with core standards swiftly. The result “moves the needle” on student summative scores.

RANDA is an official distributor of Northwest Evaluation Association’s formative item assessment bank.