RANDA: innovative problem solvers

Everyone recognizes education faces daunting challenges. RANDA believes many of them can be mastered through deft automation of business process radically simplifying decision-making. We marshal our teams of specialists to address these challenges– working with educators to address them through innovation. Collaboration with educators ensures our solutions not only work, but are easy to learn and use.

The result? Useful solutions developed with educators for educators to increase teacher effectiveness.


CCS Implementation

Educators and administrators struggle to ensure teaching plans are aligned to Common Core Standards, whether state standards or federal.

Educators need tools to show and document accurate CCS progress.


Common Core Alignment Systems

Our tools for iPad, Android and web interface provide an accessible, searchable database of the Common Core Standards, allowing educators to select any topic and see related standards. Scheduling tools ensure CCS goals are achieved with reports (such as status, % of completion, etc.) for teachers and administrators to ensure their efforts are on track.


Common Core Alignment Product

RANDA Core Quest beta to be piloted in new public charter school.