RANDA: innovative problem solvers

Everyone recognizes education faces daunting challenges. RANDA believes many of them can be mastered through deft automation of business process radically simplifying decision-making. We marshal our teams of specialists to address these challenges– working with educators to address them through innovation. Collaboration with educators ensures our solutions not only work, but are easy to learn and use.

The result? Useful solutions developed with educators for educators to increase teacher effectiveness.


Observations Scores Must Be Consistent

Consistency among educator observers and evaluators is key to a fair observation system.

Legacy paper-based processes are outdated, time consuming, and ineffective.

An online video calibration system allows observers to be tested for reliability on the standards, and allows them to be linked to PD resources for immediate correction of deficiencies.


Inter-Rater Reliability

In December 2012, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided a non-exclusive license to
RANDA for technology to enable classroom instructional rubric observer certification. RANDA is enhancing and commercializing the technology, which consists of an online platform for education administrators and observers to analyze and score video content delivered through a streaming video player. It allows for users to provide custom rankings to measures applied to individual video resources sourced from the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project, which was funded by the Gates Foundation.