TOWER Mobile K-12 Teacher Observation Site Offers Video Overviews

RANDA Solutions has released new video shorts explaining their mobile solution for managing and executing teacher observations, walkthroughs, evaluations and reporting. These video shorts offer a swift picture of:

  •     TOWER 101: Overview of the observation system, mobile components, reporting, and security
  •     TOWER System: Scheduling and tracking observations and walkthroughs
  •     TOWER Mobile: Effective mobile observations
  •     TOWER Reports: Using reports to inform meaningful conversations

“We wanted to show educators how simple and effective a teacher observation system can be. TOWER proves teacher observations don’t have to be overwhelming and frustrating,” says Randall Dennis, RANDA Solutions Chief Strategy Officer. “Feedback over recent months has built our confidence in the ease, flexibility, and effectiveness of TOWER. We’ve found videos and WebEx demonstrations are the best way to help superintendents and administrators experience that.”

TOWER has not only found broad acceptance throughout the U.S. in both school districts and state-level agencies. Several systems abroad from the U.K. and Germany to Australia and Japan are now using TOWER. The solution is receiving such wide acceptance because TOWER can be customized to the rubrics, walkthroughs, and workflow the client requests.

“There’s no replacing a personalized demo of TOWER,” adds Dennis. “It’s still easy to request a private demonstration, but these videos are a simple way for districts to decide if they’d like to explore it further.”


About TOWER System and TOWER Mobile

RANDA’s TOWER System (Teacher Observations, Walkthroughs, Evaluation and Reporting) was written with educators for educators, with the benefits they wanted the most:
‣ Paperless. Observers and administrators save time. Observation quality and accuracy improves. Data is accessible and usable.
‣ Manageable. Straightforward observation and walkthrough scheduling. Trouble-free progress monitoring.
‣ Easy! Simple to learn. Simple to operate.
‣ Mobile. Synchronization to TOWER Mobile native apps offer complete mobility and security without 100% Wi-Fi coverage.
‣ Rubric agnostic! Flexible, to change as your state requirements change.

About RANDA Solutions

RANDA Solutions is an INC. 500 software firm based in Nashville, TN serving the education sector. RANDA acquires, manages and utilizes data providing administrators and teachers a variety of education intelligence: Student Data (student identification, student demographics, summative and formative assessments, student growth, course completion, and college readiness), Educator Data (educator identification, educator demographics, professional development/continuing education, teacher student data link, value added assessment alignment, and teacher effectiveness), and Third-party Data (community demographics, school climate, early warning data, etc.). Historical and live data reporting, along with additional customized content, is delivered via RANDA’s secure web portals and integrates seamlessly with RANDA’s cross-platform mobile applications for iPads and Android devices.

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