Rush to Cast Last Minute Votes Begins as SXSWedu Panel Picker Nears It’s Close

Final Votes are cast as Panel Picker draws to conclusion for SXSWedu 11:59 PM Friday September 6th, for the 2014 conference in Austin, Texas. Core of Education panel receives much attention by featuring Michelle Rhee, Jose Ferreira, Rob Lippincott and Lord Knight in “A Lord, a Liberal, 2 Geniuses & Sir Knewton walk..” hosted by Rod Berger as does RANDA Solutions panel with “Will it Blend?” hosted by Randall Dennis and featuring Julie Young, M.C. Desrosiers, Wendy Oliver, Lisa Gillis.

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

Voting nears its conclusion for the 2014 South By Southwest Education (SXSWEDU) conference on March 3rd-6th in Austin, Texas. Panel Picker, which runs from August 19 – September 6, uses open voting to gauge interest, heavily influences which panels the conference will support. Heavy hitters include “A Lord, a Liberal, 2 Geniuses & Sir Knewton walk..” and “Will It Blend?“.

A Lord, a Liberal, 2 Geniuses & Sir Knewton walk..” is generating social media buzz by featuring education frontrunners such as Knewton founder and visionary Jose Ferreira, who joins with education provocateur and visionary Michelle Rhee, the former Minister of Education for England, Lord James Knight of Weymouth and the stalwart of PBS Education Rob Lippincott. Host Rod Berger’s goal for the panel is to forecast and highlight the necessary steps to provide student-centric education for American children in an ever-shrinking and technology driven global classroom.

Meanwhile, RANDA Solutions’ Chief Strategy Officer Randall Dennis’ “Will it Blend” concept also continues to garner large amounts of public interest. While Dennis’ concept takes a lighthearted approach based on the wildly popular YouTube videos of the same name, his panel focuses on serious business to educators. “‘Will It Blend’ assembles America’s preeminent thought-leaders to discuss the state of and future of blended learning,” says Dennis. “Will it Blend?” panelists include Julie Young, founder and CEO of Florida Virtual School, ASCD’s Chief Program Development Officer M.C. Desrosiers, online and blended learning guru Wendy Oliver, and Lisa Gillis, Chief Academic Officer for Junior Achievement. “Our panel provide a fresh snapshot of online and blended learning, plus we’ll discuss where challenges we must overcome to move forward,” Dennis continues. “We’ll wrestle issues pertaining to online instructional resources, limited accessibility, we’ll highlight what’s really working well and identify trends versus fads.”

First launched in 2007 Panel Picker has found wide success. “The PanelPicker interface is a natural extension of the creative intermingling that takes place during the festival itself.” says Roland Swenson, SXSW Managing Director, “We are excited that we can provide a forum for new ideas to debut and flourish year-round.” Speaking in regard to how Panel Picker allows the SXSW community to have a significant voice in programming SXSWedu Dr Berger stated “I’m confident in the democratic voting process that SXSW provides and proud to be a part of it.”


About the Core of Education

The Core of Education located in Nashville, TN brings you the best and brightest in eduction. The Core’s podcasts work to provide a platform for open, honest discussion and debate on education challenges and triumphs. Host of the Core, Dr. Berger, interviews international policy makers, ed entrepreneurs, state commissioners, district admins and teachers and strives to insure that everyone involved has a platform to learn, and that’s what’s at the core of education. More information about Dr. Berger can be found here at

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