Core of Education Turns the Spotlight on John Harrington, CEO of Funds for Learning

Dr. Rod Berger moves forward in the ISTE podcast series with John Harrington who explains in simple terms how E-rate funding works and provides easy to understand answers for the program’s most common questions. John lays bear the truth about school’s wifi problems and pulls back the curtain on E-rate policy to explain whether money and politics are opening the door or blocking the way to campus connectivity.

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John explains what and where E-rate sits in simple and clear language.

(PRWEB) September 09, 2013

Core of Education kicks off the ninth podcast in the ISTE series with Funds for Learning CEO John Harrinton who provides a concise explanation of E-rate funding. John sits down with Core host Dr. Rod Berger and speaks to the information barriers E-rate faces at the district level. He also gets down to brass tacks on the speed of implementation and the percentage of schools that have wifi connectivity.

Funds for Learning helps E-rate applicants and service providers track their E-rate funding, meet critical deadlines, and manage participation in the E-rate program with their E-rate manager.

Dr. Berger expressed satisfaction with the interview stating, “John explains what and where E-rate sits in simple and clear language.” He continued, “It’s refreshing to find a subject matter expert so committed to informing and assisting educators on government policy.”

John and Dr. Berger also covered the ways politics distracts from implementation, how the E-rate learning gap at the district level can be closed and the reasons global connectivity are essential to keep America in the education game.

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