High-Stakes Data

Before we promote data-driven decision making, we’ve got to first acknowledge why the stakes are so high. The easy answer is “the future of America depends upon the college and career readiness of each and every child.” Noted. True. But let’s step back a moment.

High-stakes data are being used to make critical life-changing decisions about three things:

JOBS2 FUNDING, and most of all,  3 STUDENTS!

The stakes are so high because these are the most emotionally charged topics — regardless of time, administration, politics, economics, or geography.

We cannot, and should not, ignore the long term implications of longitudinal education system progress. In fact, the two discussions are not mutually exclusive. The best data systems and data system vendors simply must acknowledge that trust, adoption, and utility all depend upon truly taking care of stakeholders at all levels.

Radically remaking education will take the will and the courage to think differently. It’s not enough to store a lot of data without purpose. Rather, all of these data sources need to interact, seemingly in organic fashion, to highlight answers and help us ask the next set of important questions.

  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Performance management
  • Assessment scoring
  • Teacher/Student Data Link (TSDL)
  • Value-added
  • Student growth
  • Formative assessments
  • Summative assessments
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Course completion
  • Student demographics