Complex, Secure Workflows

Education at the enterprise level is more than just transactions. The data-in data-out paradigm just doesn’t hold up against the real-world demands of education data systems, which manage people more than manage data. That’s why RANDA’s design and development processes engage educators where they work and communicate — all the way back to the principal’s office and the classroom.

What we do doesn’t just live at the administrative, LEA, or SEA level. We’ve learned that being a good partner in technology implementation means first and foremost creating a great solution that solves real problems for the people on the front lines. Much more than simply replicating and re-branding business processes from other industries, education is about relationships. RANDA understands this, and our clients consistently validate that it sets us apart from our competitors.

Consistently effective workflow management sets the bar for trusted data systems. In order to let go of historical management practices, it’s our job as the solutions provider to prove that paperless, secure, web-based management is more efficient, more accurate, and more trustworthy.

Yes, we do advanced process modeling and joint design sessions. We do extensive requirements gathering and detailed project management. We think those things are the cost of entry in a space that’s desperate for innovations, but that doesn’t want to accept them at the cost of personality and culture.

The items on this list are what RANDA does really well, but they aren’t the things that make us tick.

  • Custom web applications
  • Mobile device development and integration
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Digital signatures
  • Approval and oversight
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Active, real-time reporting and dashboards


In essence, we’re better at these competencies because they don’t define us. Think of us as educators with a technology frame of reference. We’re disrupting the education technology space because we’ve got a better way, and we want to share that better way with your states, districts, and consortia.