A History of Innovation

From our inception, RANDA has forged accessible, secure innovations.

Our very first application development contract was for a robust permissions-based platform accessed via Blackberry devices. Subsequently, we developed a highly-scalable, secure cloud hosting model four years before cloud computing became a technology market rush.

Upon award of our first state-wide technical services contract in Tennessee, we began serving 1,746 schools with approximately 950,000 students and 64,000 teachers. We manage assessment data statewide, from ordering testing booklets to delivering critical high-stakes assessment scores. This system uses dozens of standard roles, from the state level down to the teacher level (e.g. District NAEP Coordinator, ELL Coordinator, School Administrator, Building Testing Coordinator), with thousands of possible custom permissions variations. There are over 70,000 users of the system. And they remain our client to this day.

We have developed several patent-pending intellectual properties surrounding mobile applications in an education setting. These are currently being applied in large metropolitan school systems to small rural districts, to schools across the globe. Our mobile solutions are currently available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Our framework supports the collection and aggregation of expansive and disparate education analytics. Reports that are timely, more accurate, truly meaningful, accessible and secure.